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What is a marine survey?
It is a thorough inspection of a boat by a competent qualified professional engineer for the purpose of ascertaining its condition.
There are several types of survey offered depending on the needs of the client:

Full Condition Survey

Is designed to establish the condition of the vessel through thorough and comprehensive inspection of every aspects: design, functionality, construction, maintenance and safety. All features of the vessel are examined and condition reported upon. This is a detailed report.

The report is intended to help owners and potential purchasers to understand the craft fully and impart  knowledge of functionality.

It is presented in a language and style that can be easily understood.

Report length ~ 20 pages with photographs, description, drawings, observations and advisory recommendations.

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Partial Survey

Is a thorough examination of specific areas outlined by clients. The surveyor may make observations of other aspects of the vessel which will directly or indirectly affect the area of interest and this will be shared in reporting. The report will be shorter and detail those specific areas of interest.

The same level of care and attention is given to this report as to the Full Condition Pre-purchase report with the aim to provide a concise summary of findings in a readable format.

Report length will vary ~ it will contain photographs drawings and detailed description with accompanying advisory recommendations.

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Insurance Survey

A thorough inspection of particular areas outlined by the insurance company. The surveyor is asked to assess damage to the vessel and report on findings.

The surveyor may be asked to devise a repair schedule and to oversee the repair. The report will be specific and detailed to those particular areas set out by the underwriters.

It is common for older vessels to require a regular insurance survey - for example every 3 to 5 years. This is specific to the underwriter to comply with the conditions of their insurance policy.

Report length will vary ~ it will follow the scope of the pre-purchase survey with exceptions outlined by the underwriter.

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Other Surveys

Repair Specification and Inspection, Valuation, British Registration and Tonnage Measurement surveys are also undertaken.

Reports are tailored and compiled in accordance with the needs of clients.

Clients engage Open Waters Surveys Limited to liaise with boat yards, brokers, government departments and accrediting bodies to provide appropriate information. 

Reports and documents vary.

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The purchasing and surveying process explained:

There are five main stages to purchasing a boat:

1. To find a boat that you like and that fits your needs and your intended use.

2. Enter into a 'Contract to Purchase'.

3. Engage Open Waters Marine Surveys Limited and enter into a 'Contract to Survey'.

4. Receive the survey report to finalise your decision making to purchase the boat.

5. Purchase your boat and enjoy sailing it.

Brokers are more than happy to advise you at every step of the way.

Find the boat

Finding a boat to fit a purchasers requirements can be difficult but with some help from Open Waters the process can be made much easier.

Contact Tony and he will listen to your requirements and advise accordingly. 

Contract to Purchase

The purchaser interested in purchasing a vessel will make an offer on a vessel subject to survey and will pay a deposit to the broker. This is known as the 'Contract to Purchase'.

Contract to Survey

The purchaser selects and instructs Open Waters to carry out a survey on the vessel.

This is termed the 'Contract to Survey'.  Specific requirements with the  purchaser will be discussed.

A written quote will be given which will include any additional travel expenses.

If satisfied with the quote  a Survey Contract will be emailed. The purchaser will also receive a copy of our standard Terms and Conditions. 

We ask purchasers to pay for the survey in full prior to the survey.

Further, the purchaser will be responsible for paying the additional costs incurred by the boatyard for lifting the boat out of the water and/or pressure washing off the hull before my inspection. 

For a thoroughly inspection of the hull to be performed it is highly recommended that the hull be pressure washed off to remove any marine growth.

We will carry out a detailed examination of the vessel as it is presented.  

The inspection process is helped by the removal or unfixing of sole boards, the opening of locked areas and the removal of covers. The owner or Broker should help.

Receive your survey report

My reports are very comprenhensive and describes the vessel in detail.

It will list any defects the vessel might have at the time of survey.

The report will advise on any remedial work to be carried out and the report may form part of the final purchase negotiation. 

If my client has any concerns about the findings of my survey or simply wants to talk more about the vessel they are encouraged to do so. I welcome any opportunity to discuss my findings. Please feel free to phone.

Time to Enjoy

The last stage is to complete the purchase with the broker, hop on board and enjoy.

Open Waters operates an open door policy so feel free to call Tony at any time if you have any questions.

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